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November 11, 2011

VETERAN'S DAY - 11/11/11

Thank you to all veterans for your service to our country.  But a special show of appreciation to those who have performed double-duty.
The fire service is fortunate to have so many brave men and women who serve their communities and their nation by wearing two uniforms.  I am proud to have met so many including these men from New York, Colorado and California.

FDNY firefighter, Christian Engeldrum (top center) volunteered after 9/11 and sadly, was killed in a roadside attack in Baghdad.  He has often been called the 344th firefighter to die because of 9/11.

Jens Pietrzyk (top left), served as a paramedic and was awarded a Bronze Star for outstanding service and named one of two "Best Medics in the Army."  If you're in Littleton, Colorado and call 9-1-1, you might get to see Jens do what he does so well.

There are so many others, too many to mention here.  One day is not enough to show our gratitude.

Thank you to America's veterans.

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