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August 12, 2008

The Godfather of The Archive

In July, 2001, the photographer, Laura Yanes, asked FDNY Firefighter, Ed Mecner for permission to take his picture just for practice.  In return, he asked for a copy of the photo.  "No one ever shows firefighters the photos they take of us," he said.  She volunteered in a high school darkroom and told him she would print his photo when school started in September.  She was on her way to the school to print it on September 11 when the WTC was attacked.  Eddie survived the day (read how) and is currently assigned to Governor's Island.  He is pleased that his simple request helped lead to the development of The National Firefighter Archive -- now a part of his legacy.  To read more about the start of The Archive, see the article from The New York Times.

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