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September 19, 2008

A Yankee Fan

As the NY Yankees prepare to play their last game at the stadium Ruth built, I have to send a shout out to my friends at Engine 68 and Ladder 49 on Ogden Ave. in the Bronx.  They are first due at the Stadium.  As a Yankees fan, I was honored when Lt. Richard Saracelli, now retired, invited me to the station to photograph his guys.  He would call and ask me if I was available to come up to the station for the day.  "What do you want for lunch," he would ask.  I quickly learned that meant someone would be making  fresh pasta, grilling chicken, or following grandma's sauce recipe.  After 9/11, so many fire departments across the country sent members to help FDNY. In response, FDNY sent members across the country to say, "Thank You."  Saracelli was invited to be the annual Grand Marshall of the Macon, Georgia Cherry Blossom Parade.  He deserved the honor and always had a great time.  But for me, the joy was in his invitation to visit the Bronx.  The guys would send a car to my apartment building in Manhattan and within minutes I would be in the Bronx, or I would take the subway up to Yankee Stadium and transfer to the bus that would drop me in front of the station.  Either way, it was great.  The rigs were painted with pinstripes honoring the Yankees.  The guys all wanted their photos with the NY logo of the Yankees prominent in their photos.  Glad to do it.  Proud to honor the guys and the Yanks.

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